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    Staffordshire Hoard in Stafford in it
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    Stafford Arms to be demolished

    i rarely venture into town at the mo, but the greyhound ticks all my boxes. if you a real ale man, a trip to the wellington in brum is a wise move. they have 0ver 2,500 guest ales each year with 15 different beers on tap at any one time.
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    England and McClaren

    I always thought McClaren would be a shite manager and that he only got the job because of a few lucky results for Middlesbrough. Having said that, the players, who seem to have a phobia of success at national level should shoulder a chunk of the blame.
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    Help required re Dreamweaver

    dreamweaver is a piece of piss to pick up. even an eejit like me can pick it up using online tutorials. however, i question whether it's the best tool for the job. if you speak to jimbob, dirty bobby or upsetter they'll probably recommened something database driven like CSS.
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    Stafford Forum Book Club

    i'm halfway through adrian chiles' 'we don't know what we're doing'. an amusing insight into the life of an obsessive footie fan. if you follow a team that never wins anything you might find some comfort. you can read extracts here to get a taster...
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    save tek monkey

    maybe a combination of the two?
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    Worst Band Names Ever!!!

    Answers on a postcard please... I'll start with Chumbawumba
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    Stafford T-Shirts available NOW!!

    brilliant, spotted a random bloke sporting an ST16 til i die tee in asda today
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    Woolpack, Weston.

    is that the place in weston?
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    Swan Food Prices

    jimbob, you can't blame your split personality disorder on the quality of a meal
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    Rozzers clamping down on the hot hatch brigade.

    I think the government could do a lot more on this front to be honest. Start by raising the age limit from 17 to 18, restrict the type of car under 21s can drive and maybe launch a road safety programme for younger drivers who benefit from cheaper insurance premiums for completing the course...
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    YouTube lolz
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    What tunes shall i buy?

    this gaff in mancunia is one of the best vinyl stores around. you can play clips of all tunes online.
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    Do you have anyone famous in your family, alive or dead.

    i'm related to the royal family. nobody believes me though.
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    Stafford T-Shirts available NOW!!

    And there we were, minding our own business, not knowing a forumite was in the same pub. will say hello next time.
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    Car Hire?

    This company is coming to Brum soon offering instant 'pay as you go' cars...
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    Stafford T-Shirts available NOW!!

    good on you, i sported my prison tee at wembley on sunday, had a few amusing glances from the heavy police presence...
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    Noo Yoik

    Tribeca Grill, in err, Tribeca. Robert De Niro's restaurant situated on the groundfloor of his production company offices. It's the mutt's nuts but very, very expensive.
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    Help with inspiration?!

    what topics have you covered so far? perhaps you could post some samples of previous work?