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  1. age'd parent

    Mobile mechanic

    Does anyone know the telephone no. or address number of the mechanic in Blackison st. my van starter won't engage
  2. age'd parent

    The robot apocalypse.

    We're all going to die, this robot is better than me...
  3. age'd parent

    Meter reading scam?

    Just had a phone call asking me for my meter readings , I said "But the coop have them from me over the internet" and she said that they have to check the once a year to see that they are correct, Well I refused and said it wasn't convenient, checked on line and It appears there is some sort of...
  4. age'd parent

    Power cuts - 7/12/2016.

    Just had the lecee go of for a couple of minutes here in st 16. :hmm:
  5. age'd parent

    Stafford litter.

    I usually pick up the odd can when walking the dog but this morning I went back with the wifes pick up stick thingy to clear up a load of drug paraphernalia from by the kids play park on Prospect rd, on the little bank on ST 16 , about six bare needles and silver spoon things, plus wipes and...
  6. age'd parent

    Great offer Bike for sale

    Never,(hardly) used, nearly new condition, 18 gears I think, 3 on crank, 6 on wheel hub =18? Asking for £75. no offers. PM me if interested. No wear on tthe teeth Tyres not worn.
  7. age'd parent

    For Sale EPSON printer ink TO556 multipack

    Genuine Epson, contains 4 colours black cyan yellow magenta, unopened. Expiry date = March 2015 Costs about £27 online, selling for £10 or offers near to pick up from Coton fields ST16 PM me if interested.
  8. age'd parent

    Water off?

    It is here on Coton fields!
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    Are you a psychopath? Phew, just made the sane side of the chart! Your score 36% Though your conscience is in the right place you also have a pragmatic streak and generally aren’t afraid to do your own dirty work! You’re no shrinking violet - but no daredevil...
  10. age'd parent

    Stafford or just a bit Stafford Alroit duck, yow am 100% Stafford! 100% Fantastic. Great result. Well done. Suggest you now go and lie down, or visit a local hostelry and reward yourself.
  11. age'd parent

    Pandit Ravi Shankar R.I.P.
  12. age'd parent

    Maxipad company replies with awe-inspiring sarcasm

    Not a picture but Very Funny. Beware... sarcastic woman, monthly stuff! inspiring-sarcasm
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    The Pirate Bay blocked by UK ISPs

    Virgin have cut it off from direct connection. isohunt, cough demonoid, cough.
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    Babies allegedly abandoned in Wildwood - Wed 2nd May 2012

    I dont know what this is about, I've just seen it on a friends face book page does anyone know any more about the babies found in Wildwood? :( whats that all about 31 minutes ago · Like ‎2 babies found in Wildwood, (someone has fled the scene) police and forensics are there now, dont know...
  15. age'd parent

    Heart foundation the new pikey's?

    Does any one know the price for scrap brass and copper per kilo/pound? No Ive not turned pikey just that my wife works at a charity shop and they sell brass/copper ornaments at 10p ect and someone told them that it was less than scrap price, so they were wondering if it was better to sell to...
  16. age'd parent

    Traffic lights out - ASDA island - Sat 10th Dec 2011

    All the lights at asda island out, traffic proceeding normally and no hold ups ! Admin edit: Post moved to its own thread.
  17. age'd parent

    Edmundo Ros dies

    Most of you will never have heard of him!
  18. age'd parent

    It's the longest day

    "Barnaby bright, Barnaby bright, the longest day and the shortest night." But you're too late it's the 11th of June according to the ditty. :D
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    'Rapture' apocalypse prediction sparks atheist reaction

    The end of the world is Saturday, we're all going to die... maybe edit: apparently it will take till 21st of October, well that f***s up my birthday then. Admin edit: Moved post to its own thread.
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    More forest matters

    Let Cameron hang his head in shame