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    Home survey

    How long should it take a surveyor to produce a report after they have carried out a home buyers survey?
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    Lions and tigers

    On the BBC website it says Cannock Chase Council has issued licences for 3 lions and 2 tigers.
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    For Sale Digital Photo frames

    1 Sony 7 inch digital photo frame dpf d70, with 4gb sd card £8 1 Philips 7 inch digital photo frame 7ff3fpb/05, with 1gb sd card £4
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    Boris in Stafford

    I heard Boris was in town today!!!
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    For Sale Nigel Hemming Prints

    4 Nigel Hemming Prints They are numbers NH 17,18,19 and 20. They are signed but not numbered. They are not framed. Fox, Badger, Deer and Otter £20 the 4 They have been in draw flat and have never been on show. Examples below
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    For Sale Reclaimed Victorian Chimney Pots

    2 Reclaimed Victorian Chimney Pots. They came off our house in Birmingham. Used to hold flowers. 70cm high £30 the pair.
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    For Sale Patio garden set

    Bistro table and 2 chairs. Made of some kind of metal. (Not flimsy) Painted dark green. £20 ono
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    For Sale Breadmaker

    Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker With instructions very good condition hardly used. £5
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    For Sale Electric Hedge Trimmer

    550 w electric hedge trimmer P Electric £10
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    For Sale Extension Pole

    Click Lock extension pole 2.4 m to 4.8 m £15 ono buyer collects
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    For Sale Aluminium ladder

    Aluminium Double Extension Ladder 3.1 m Closed 5.6 m when extended. £20 ono buyer collects
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    For Sale AMABIENTE CLASSIC Taper Candles for sale £4 a pair boxed

    AMABIENTE CLASSIC Taper Candles for sale £4 a pair Ideal for people who already have the bases The CLASSIC taper candles (square candles) are the core of the whole AMABIENTE collection. They do not drip and do not...
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    For Sale Duplo

    Duplo for sale £30 can deliver in Stafford. Very good condition Consisting of 220 + bricks 9 flat bases Oval train track 10 pieces 2 trains 3 train carriages 1 airplane 2 tractors 2 trailers 1 refuse truck 1 zoo truck 1 tow truck 1 crane 5 cars 1 motorbike Garage and bits School...
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    Collective name for mobility scooters in Stafford

    After nearly being mown down a number of times in Stafford by mobility scooters I was wondering what the collective name would be. In Iceland today a woman attempted to reverse with no thought about the person behind her. I did see a meet up in the square of 3 today. Smoking and generally...
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    Conversations in doorways

    Why is it that people over a certain age always have conversations in doorways. Today I had to ask 2 couples if they would mind stepping to one side so I could get in to Lidl. Its always the same, they meet somebody and decide to have a chat and are oblivious to blocking peoples way. Yes one...
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    The white stuff is called snow. It causes panic. Drivers become more idiotic.
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    A little thought for those working today

    Let's give a big cheer for those working today, doctors, nurses, ambulance staff. Let's not forget the people working over Xmas on the railway so that we will have an improved service. A big cheer for those working in MacDonalds especially as the person doing the rota did not anticipate the...
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    Vaping shops

    Vaping shops seem to be appearing all over Stafford. I wonder how many will be about this time next year?
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    Your MP - somebody voted for him Just so you know
  20. United57

    Why Stafford has flooded roads

    Noticed this today Newport Road