For Sale 2x computers (sorta gaming).


wanna see my snake?
2 gaming PCs but a bit old. Were great in their day! The graphics cards still sell for £100 second hand on ebay and the CPUs about £30, I'm after £150 for each tower or £250 if you take both. Putting here as it'll take me a few days to wipe them and clean them up, will put on fb when ready but thought someone here may want a look first.

i5 3570k
8gb RAM
Motherboard has bluetooth/wifi etc (some fancy asus thing, also has a relatively useless 32Gb onboard?)
XFX RX480 4Gb graphics
Huge almost silent cooler
120Gb SSD boot drive
Comes in a big aluminium case, possibly a lian-li?

Second one isn't sorted yet but similar specs, possibly 16Gb but a slightly worse gfx card


wanna see my snake?
Second PC:

i5 4670k
16Gb RAM
Motherboard has bluetooth and wifi
HD 6950/70 graphics card (2Gb)
256Gb SD boot drive
1Tb WD black mechanical drive
Same case as the other, large aluminium tower
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