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Thought I would post on the forum to tell people what good service I have had from the guys at AA silencers. Not for the first time they fixed the exhaust on one of my cars for a very good price. However this time all my car needed was a rubber hanger as mine had split. I would have happily paid, but instead I was waved on my way with a smile. Very good service and there is no doubt I will use them again.

I noticed whilst I was in there that they also do proper mechanical garage work and not just exhausts as the name might suggest.


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Dito this, really nice chaps, gave me 10% off cus I put one of their promo stickers in my window, which I was very happy to do, very good prices and service!


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Dito your dito i had my mot and service done there in november for a amazing £85.00 not like the £550.00 +vat( at very well known high street garage, not many yards away, infact just across road) for mot and service. Keep up the good work lads and see the new year for my next mot and service.

AA Silencers

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Hi Guys. I'm a little bit ashamed to say I've only just been made aware this post is here. I'm sure it's not intended for the staff at the garage but it means a lot to know we've given you service that's worth writing (something good!) about. The honest truth is we do sometimes get customers who 'volunteer suggestions' on how we might improve our service. Sometimes we can't avoid that expensive things don't come cheap, but we can always promise that we try our best and we care about getting it right. That's why it means so much to us that you'd take your own time to write a little positive feedback.


i was made aware this gem of a garage recently when I needed some work doing to my battered little car, have to say they were fantastic ringing me to keep me constantly updated and would definitely use them in future. Alwaysnice to big up a local business and would definitely reccommend them in future.


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I went to a well known garage in stafford, dont want to name them but they told me it would cost £500 to replace my exhaust as a bracket came off because they claimed they needed to also replace the middle and front pipe and some other stuff as well. I was really panicking, took it to AA silencers, cost £20 for a new bracket! What a relief :)

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AA silencers, built me a new exhaust back box and pipe in 2 hrs,
let me use their loo, and Knocked 10% off the cost, all for £60, very pleased!


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I've used AA silencers on several occasions. If the parts they've quoted me have been pricier than I can afford (understandably they don't have the time to to source the world and stick to their main few suppliers), then they've happily waited for me to source the part myself (usually ebay) and then just charged me (very reasonably) to fit it.

As someone else has just said, not just exhausts either. I've had cv joints replaced, exhausts repaired, and some minor engine work too. I haven't needed them for some time, but when I do have a problem I wouldn't even think about going elsewhere.

Top guys AA - keep up the good work

AA Silencers

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Cheers guys. Never any charge for using the latrine. It's kind of reminiscent of French campsite toilets from the late 70's, so if you're brave enough to use it you deserve a 10% discount. That's not a new promotional offer by the way.


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Booked my car in next Friday for service and MOT ... looks like I have made a good move in doing so after reading all the positive comments. Have always used a national company ... no names but near the dry cleaners on the roundabout!

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Always take the cars to these guys, never had any problems! A good buddy of mine had a head gasket go on his car towards the end of last week. I rang these guys in the morning, my friend dropped it off in the afternoon! Checked through the service history as my friend has only had the car a couple of months, and they managed to save him spending more than he needed as most things had already been changed (waterpump/cambelt) My mate should be picking the car up this week! Im happy, he's delighted, high 5's all around! :D

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Just had full service carried out today. Last used this company more than 20 years ago when I used to buy & fit my own exhaust components. Very pleased with service, and the non-patronising explanation of issues found which will eventually need attention and suggestions for practical ,economical solutions. I will definitely use AA for any future work. Goodbye franchise dealer, no more paying for all that glass, chrome and supercilious staff.
Thanks to Stafford Forumites for reccomendations.


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aa silencers said:
I can't imagine which one you mean :)

Look forward to seeing next week.
Ahhhh you do MOTs... excellent. Mine is due at the end of Feb - can I book in for a pre-MOT check in the next week or two, and then the MOT itself afterwards? I could do without the car being off the road so an opportunity to make sure it's MOT standard prior to the test is desirable.

AA Silencers

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More than happy to give it an MoT once over if that suits you. what we'd suggest though is that you simply book your MoT well within the month overlap you're allowed on the certificate dates. There's no retest fee on the MoT so you wouldn't be stung if it fails and given that there's a fair few items that are discretional on the test it saves us recommending anything that might turn out to be un-necessary eg- one man's corroded brake pipe is perfectly serviceable to the next man. Once you have the ministry's piece of paper letting you know in black and white what it needs we can schedule the work in. We're open until 4Pm on Saturdays if you need the car during the week.