Adult swimming lessons


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Swimming Lessons available for Adults on a 1-2-1 basis.

Do you have a fear of water, want to learn a new stroke or alter your technique, or just want help with a session plan to train for a competitive or event?

Get in touch, I am ASA level 2 Swim Teacher qualified and ASA level 1 Coach qualified with over 10 years experience. I also coach for a local swimming club and teach group swimming lessons elsewhere. Your 1-2-1 Lessons would take place at either Rugeley or Cannock leisure centre, depending on day preferable to you. Both fantastic pools.

Lessons are £22.50 for 30 minute session and we can set up a plan for you to work through. only a limited number of days/times available. Contact me here :)

Matt 123

Are you still doing these lessons? Would be interested if you could do anything for me in the evening or weekend


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Dreamies hasn't been on the forum since the end of November 2017, don't know if she could be contacted via the pools in Cannock or Rugeley


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