Aldi to open in stafford


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According to the newsletter Aldi want to open a store at the bottom of radford bank.
So is this a good thing or will the extra traffic cause more problems ?


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Weren't Aldi refused permission to open a store behind where Couture is some years ago? I believe that traffic problems might have been cited as the reason, but then the Tesco fiasco seemed to be 'OK'.....


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Yay Aldi! Now I won't have to go all the way to Stone for my washing powder & washing up liquid (try them, they're brill & 'Which' recommended). Hoorah!


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The length of time it would take to get there from yours at peak times would surely make Stone a far more viable and pleasurable option.
That is defiantly true, however if Aldi does open up on Radford Bank I can use it as an excuse to stop at New Look on the way to spend my ill-gotten gains on shoes & clothes ;)

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Good bit of business by Mr Freedom. He will have a couple of million to get set up elsewhere. Bad luck to anyone who wants to get down Radford Bank. When its transporter time at BMW its bad enough already.

Not all bad news - I particularly enjoy shopping in Aldi on a hot sunny day because it makes me feel like I'm in Spain on my hols!


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I'm not against Aldi but it's in completely the wrong place. The Lichfield Road is a nightmare without adding to the problems by increasing traffic going up it.

I can't imagine it will be good for Aldi either, even if I wanted to shop specifically there I'd go to somewhere (anywhere) else to avoid sitting in traffic slower than walking pace. It's the same with Tesco even though it's my supermarket of choice, if I need something at a time when the traffic is awful I will drive further to go elsewhere and just get in and out.