Alternatives/rockers/goths etc


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Well, there's not exactly much of a scene in Stafford these days since the Surgery and the Firkin shut down. My friends and I mostly go to Wolves or B'ham for a decent night out, now, but meeting people with similar "alternative" tastes at home is a bit more difficult (as I'm a bit too old to be hanging around St Mary's...)

But I see all you fellow freaks with brightly coloured hair and black clothes walking around the place and I was wondering if we had any members here also lamenting the lack of a decent rock night/club in Stafford? Say hi!


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Spent many and eve with doing the drunken meander from the firkin to the surgery (before they priced themselves out of business :-/ )

I get by nowadays by hitting up Bunker 13 in Stoke occasionally, the prices are good and the staff are always friendly.


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Oh, I'll have to check out Bunker 13, not heard of it before. The Giffard and Scruffy Murphy's (of course) are our usual go-tos... spent many a great post-gig night at the latter.