Any regular off-piste Cannock Chase mountain bike riders on here?


Hi All,

First post. I love the chase and try and ride as and when I can. I am aware that there are lots of off-piste trails, but concerned about venturing those alone.

Any regular riders who may be able to show me some of the more unknown trails?



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I'm not the best guide to what's there but i'm probably not the worst.

TBH you'd be better off putting feelers out on the Chase Trails facebook page now that fb has killed off everything else.

I'll happily go for a ride with you, but you could definitely do better.


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No worries.

If that doesn't work out then give me a shout - once you have a mental map of where things are it makes it easier to just follow the tyre marks and see what happens.

This side you're basically looking at the other side of Sherbrook Valley and either side of Abrahams Valley, not easy to get too lost there.