Ayo Gorkhali - Nepalese restaurant - Mill Bank.


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My boss, who recently did Everest Base Camp, said he never wants to hear the words Daal Bhat again, so I guess that's the traditional food.

I lived off dal bhat and yak cheese when I was in Nepal. Nothing for breakfast, cheese for lunch and dal bhat every night. I never got tired of it but to be honest, I quite like routine.

For the truly authentic experience, a rat should make a dash around the table legs as you eat, pursued by a procession of waiters, swatting brooms.


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Ayo Ghorkali say -

Happy to announce that we have started our takeaway service . Call us on 01785250234




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Err, hope they aren't doing a Raas Leela.

As far as I know they have one chef in the kitchen . That's it. Perhaps Stafford College could take an interest as the restaurant owners seem a little shy on recruitment. As lovely as they are they need help and a wanted note in the window hasn't worked

Unless you know differently of course


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I'm guessing they want someone trained already, rather than someone who'd need training to cook that sort of food? Also, does the chef cook in English? Can be a stressful job and I know most kitchens speak in their native tongue rather than try to constantly translate. I wonder if we have any Nepalese students.....