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... (how low can you go)

Inspired by the Arcade Fire tune, and being a massive fan of Paul McCartney's contributions to the Beatles' oeuvre, i found myself listening to this -

- and wondered if there was some kindred wonderfulness out there with which i'm unfamiliar.

Give me your best bass line driven tunes...


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and quite a lot by Queen, it seems. (For those going to the V Festival, here's how it's done.)

(really just a bass riff than a "bass line driven tune".)
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Here's another that i, erm, haven't heard in ages...

I went from 'i haven't watched Fight Club in ages' -> to 'oo remember that Petebox cover of Where Is My Mind' -> to 'now i've got to listen to the original' -> to 'you're a kookoo Cannonball'.

Anyway, that was my thought process along the way - with my feet on the air and my head on the ground.

It's good to be back.


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Brewed by Marstons now
and in the Star Inn, Bath last week ;