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Anyone know what is causing random, heavy sounding distant ‘thump’ heard around Cannock Rd / Weeping Cross area today ?
Pleased it's not just me that can hear this. Heard it at 6am Saturday morning and throughout the weekend. Could only assume it's work on the M6 or Western Access Route?


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Yep, probably the W. A. R. It’s surprising where you can hear it if the wind’s in the right direction


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Two years ago today, on 30th March 2018, Bod Stafford opened its doors in Baswich. They've had a massive, positive impact in our local community, so we just wanted to say thank you to all the team at Bod Stafford, and we can't wait for you to re-open!! Happy Birthday Bod!



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Crow Bangers - you get used to it.

The code of practice for auditory bird scarers (gas cannons/crow bangers) says -

"As a general guide bird scarers should:
  • only be used where justified
  • not sound on more than four times an hour
  • not be used before sunrise or after sunset (this doesn’t mean that scarers used after sunrise in the Summer are automatically acceptable)
  • be positioned carefully to ensure that they are not pointing towards or too close to residential properties in the locality"
NFU advisory leaflet says not before 6am (7am near housing) when sunrise is earlier nor after 10pm. Do not use near roads or bridleways used by horses. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 includes powers to deal with nuisance caused by auditory bird scarers and has been used successfully to prevent farmers using auditory bird scarers.

DEFRA -"It is important however that an officer of the local authority should be involved to investigate and establish the facts in this matter. Moreover, under the terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the local authority must take reasonable steps to investigate a complaint of noise nuisance, including that emitted from gas guns, made by a resident within its area."

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Ah, did wonder whether it was a ‘bird scarer’. It was firing off many times during the morning - well over the apparent regulation ‘four times an hour’.


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Many thanks for your patience last night.

Deliveries & Call & Collect must be scheduled/ordered by phone between 11am & 2pm (Mon-Sat).

Please only request a delivery if you are vulnerable/isolating. It is extremely warming to see lonely faces turn into happy faces when we do deliver. So please keep the delivery slots free, by paying us a visit if you can.

Our counter is open as normal. Mon-Sat 11:30-2 & 4:30-8. Sun 4:30-8.

You can give your order at the counter like normal and then you will be asked to wait outside until your order is ready.

Please remember we are small business that is learning and swiftly adapting our methods for the welfare of all concerned. Please be patient. We are doing our best...



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Christmas Lights at Bodmin Shops

Hi All, we hope you have seen and like the new wall trees and lights on the shops. These have been sponsored by the local retailers, however we still have 3 trees available for sponsorship, if you would like to Sponsor one of these trees (one off payment of £150, or a part share of £50) please contact us at

We are also looking for donations / Sponsors to help fund the current lights year on year and for further additions to make our area magical.

Next year we will be holding our Christmas Fun Day on Saturday 4th December 2021.


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Calling all bees and butterflies! Watch this space for an exciting project, delayed due to Covid but on target for Summer 2022!! Let us know what you think and if you would like to get involved.



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The fold down bollards are lowered at the moment to facilitate access for The Canal and River Trust to refurbish the towpath. The towpath is closed at this point and cordened off with loads of Heras fencing (As least it was last week?)