Bespoke pies?!?


You knows it
rich upsetter said:
i meant to post this on the other day, look at the very first frame!
respec to the scruffmeister for his :pie: appreciation. Going to see him in manc on sat so if i get the chance i'll congratulate him on such devotion to all things :pie:


lol brilliant.. i haven't heard mr. scruff in ages.. he's a bit hit and miss imo, but when he's on form his stuff is :pie: :dance:


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Pie Report

Yesterday I made a Vegetable Pie. Here's how:

Sweat down onions, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes and tomatos for 10 minutes. Stir in tomato puree, soy sauce, parsley and seasoning. Pop it in a pie dish lined with shortcrust pastry, lid the young man, and add a seasonally themed ooh scary pumpkin shape with the pastry trimmings. Glaze with egg. Bake for 30 minutes or so at Gas Mark 6.

Et voila!

Serve with green beans, creamy mash and a little gravy. And a can of cider.



All things considered, I would give my pie 5 pies out of 5 :pie::pie::pie::pie::pie: beacuse it was home made and you can't beat a homemade pie. I then went to a Halloween party as a scary clown:

wooooo. Scary.


monquey, your pie making skills are to be commended.. the fact that you recorded photographic evidence of your :pie: venture makes me think that you were actually thinking of this very forum during the entire venture.. you get a dirtybobby gold star!

Monquey said:
that looks well nice.. your green beans look particularly tasty - are they fresh or frozen? i love green beans, but mine always look way more floppy than that :meh:

Monquey said:
woah - i can't believe that headless zombie went to the party dressed as symie :eek:


You knows it
This is some quite excellent work and dedication to the :pie: cause Monquey for which you should be highly commended.

Well done old chap!


rich upsetter

Cuffy is the new skill
truly, a star in the making. i hope there werent any
balloons doing the rounds whilst that mask was being worn...could quite possibly put you off it for life. and that would be a bad thing.


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Of course I had this place in mind when I photographed the pie! How could I not?

I've lain down the gauntlet now. Show me your pies!

Andreas Rex

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By means of an apology for breaking something at my house warming party, one of my friends will be making me a Beef Wellington. Now i realise that this doesn't strictly fall under the :pie: banner, but it is a dish consisting of a delicious filling encased in pastry. I will be posting pictures throughout the making/eating/digesting process, a la Monquey's stupendous efforts. Any objections?


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Recipe to follow....

Get the oven on Gas mark 7 (220c)
Add to your pan olive oil and 2 knobs butter
Add your chopped chicken,leeks,carrots,celery and thyme
Cook slowly 15mins. Turn heat up add 2tbs flour and stir in for 2 mins.
Add glass white wine,water and milk. Season, stir and cover with lid.
Simmer for 30-40mins, stirring every now and then.(you don't want this bad boy to stick).
This is a good time to roll that puff pastry and start cutting those letters.
Then pour mixture into :pie: dish.
Now the cheeky bit, squeeze the meat from 3 pork sausages and brown in alittle oil and sprinkle over the mix.
Egg wash rim of dish,wop the pastry over, egg wash again and decorate.
Into the oven it goes for 30mins. Not 45mins like last night when I got distracted by the Chelsea game.


You knows it
Excellent work Miss T!!! That looks stupendously delicous. I know it's only half ten but i have got serious pie hunger now after seeing your culinary creation :pie: tastic


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BBC said:
Excellent work Miss T!!! That looks stupendously delicous. I know it's only half ten but i have got serious pie hunger now after seeing your culinary creation :pie: tastic
im starving now!!!!!!

have already had 3 slices of toast and an apple...i think im in danger of becoming a bloater!



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Andreas Rex said:
Hey Miss T....i've noticed that you broke something too at my house i get a stafford :pie:? ;)
I had nothing to do with your bed/TV/wineglass . . ..
My recipe is ready!