Car boot sales in Stafford.

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Just a orbital sander for me today, as my old one died on me and taking it apart didn't fix it, mind you, £2 for a sander and a load of sanding sheets was a great bargain.:dance:


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Orbital Sanders is a wide-ranging subject.



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Quite big for a first attempt this year, I thought. Though, a little chilly in the breeze. But, at least it was dry underfoot.

I got a couple of grab handles and a nice old padlock.

There was a choice of metronomes available, but I couldn't find the time to decide which to have...


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Tried our luck today. Learned very quickly that even though it’s kick out at 2pm it’s basically dead by 11


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Biggish again, despite the fair.

Very little of any interest to me, though.

There were two Etch-a-Sketches, but I need VGA these days.


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Not bad today, although all I actually got was a Skyline bread knife for my Mum, to avoid her using her current double-sided one, and leaning on the top of it!

Just like the one from this set here.


Highlight of the day for me was the presence of a non-shouty-fruit-man.

I went to the KH warehouse on the way home and found an absolutely 'brand new' B&D Jobber - a very handy thing, more practical in many circumstances than a full-sized Workmate.


Complete with the original table-edge clamps, which is unusual...

Looking for the money for that did involve 'rediscovering' the bread knife in my rucksack - but, I seem to have survived - so far.


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Biggish today, but disrupted by occasional spurts of drizzle.

Interesting items included a selection of anchors and a large box of barcode scanners.

All I got was a PC-206 pipe cutter.


It makes a very neat job of cutting plastic pipe.

Amusingly, I thought, I suggested to the vendor that I was intending to use it on kidnap victims, to snip off bits as the negotiations proceeded - then he pulled his hand of his pocket - with the top of his little finger missing...

Interestingly, Googling for a suitable image revealed that PC 206 also refers to the Penal Code section of Californian law that covers torture, and was illustrated by this picture -


- I wonder if it's just a coincidence?


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Big again today, but nothing of any consequence to report.

Just a large selection of crucifixes.

And, possibly, slightly fewer zombies than normal.


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Smaller today, and little of great interest to me.

Or, probably, anybody else - I don't think I saw anybody carrying anything...