Wanted Clay Pigeon - Field for hire.


Myself and one other (both SGC holders with insurance) are looking for a field to rent in Stafford or the surrounding areas to shoot clay pigeons over. We shoot at a few clay grounds already but looking to get in a bit of extra shooting time.

Hoping for semi regular (once or twice a month) year round. Hand thrown clays only so would leave no kit behind in between visits. We'd clean up after ourselves and be as conscientious as possible about visiting times.

If anyone knows of anyone who may have a field available, please get in touch.




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I used to go clay pidgeon shooting behind the Seven Stars at Brocton years ago, probably hard to get insurance for it now though I guess.


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Anyway what do you do with the clay pigeon once you’ve shot it?

I wouldn’t know where to start cooking it and there don’t appear to be any recipes anywhere.

Clay pigeon has a rather finer texture than wood pigeon, I find. Not so many bits stuck between your teeth and no splinters.

As for providing a facility to shoot at @BobClay, this requires considerable forethought, or the queues would cause traffic mayhem.