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As the vaccinations began, I, with some difficulty, made my surgery aware that I am not in the immediate vicinity and that I would alert them when this was likely to change. I was assured that a note was added to that effect. I then got regular texts, urging me to book an appointment, so I let them know that nothing had changed and this was also noted. I have just got an appointment at the Showground for tomorrow.


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Just seen this on STIG . Appointments available tomorrow to book at showground. Looks like 1st jab only though.

County Showground - COVID Vaccinations tomorrow. Despite all the hard work being undertaken by our Practices, to book people into our available clinic slots on Friday 19th March between 11am-6pm at the Stafford Showground, there are still a number of appointments available. We are therefore trialling making the appointment directly bookable for people in the targeted groups via Event Brite.
To boost the bookings please would you consider telling friends, sharing this email or adding the information to your Facebook page. However, it is important that we stress that this is targeted to
· People registered with a Practice in Stafford
· Require a 1st Covid Vaccination
· Aged 50 or over or 18+ with a clinically diagnosed underlying health condition
The appointments are not open to people who do not meet this criteria.
If anyone wishes to attend, they should complete the booking link at and follow the online instructions.


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Can someone please post the link for a test, preferably holmcroft... I've lost it, and even Google won't find it for me...

Thank you...


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Totally agree. This really hasn’t been publicised enough. My family have a test every week & whenever I tell anyone about it most people are unaware of the facility & many are surprised that we do it. Some have even argued that we’re either wrong for doing it or that we’re paying for it. Many think it is either only for people with symptoms or for the recent surge testing for different variants.
Now is the time, especially with lockdown easing due, that everyone should be getting regular tests.


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I booked both my appointments on line and the gap between the first and second jab will be 11 weeks.

A friend of mine who had his jab after mine has got his second jab before mine, the gap between both jabs is 9 weeks.

Spoke to someone in Asda yesterday who had her jab last week, second jab booked for 1st May, the gap between the two is just 8 weeks.

I tried to change my appointment on line but the system won’t let you see what’s available until you cancel your appointment.
To clarify, you have to cancel first and then re book, which I don’t want to risk in case I end up having to wait longer.

Just a tiny bit miffed that people who are having their first jab weeks after me will get their second jab before me. (I’m not miffed with the people, just the system).


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The national booking system won't give you a date less than 11 weeks before your first one. I have just cancelled and rebooked mine for exactly the same date and time to check this. Has your friend gone via the GP route? I think they almost have too much vaccine now, and as the over 50s are mostly booking through the national system maybe doing their second ones earlier,.

I read the GP network need to sign up to whether they want to do the next cohorts by this weekend. In lots of ways I think it would be better that they didn't, as one system would make things much similar.

As we get through the cohorts the 12 week gap will come down, as there won't be 12 weeks worth of first appointments to do when they hit the early 20s.


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When I first booked our jabs I tied to change the second date & as soon as I logged into the system it automatically cancelled the appointments & wouldn’t let me rebook until the day after. Every time I tried it kept offering me the first jab again. I called nhs & they said it was a problem that was being sorted. I booked the following day with no problem but it was a bit nerve wracking waiting to confirm it. You can’t check available dates without cancelling first.
Ours are 11 weeks apart.


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The national booking system won't give you a date less than 11 weeks before your first one. I have just cancelled and rebooked mine for exactly the same date and time to check this. Has your friend gone via the GP route? .

Both of these people booked online, both were at The Kingston Centre.
One is a close friend of mine, I alerted him to the fact that over 56’s could book on line. He booked it, then sent me a WhatsApp thanking me and saying “I’m booked in for Tues and again in 9 weeks”.

The lady yesterday said “I had my jab last week and my second one is 1st May”.
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