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I have just had a call from an elderly relative who says she has found a dead cat in her garden Now the cat is not hers and has no means of finding out who it belongs to.
Does any one know if she can put it in the dustbin ?


(and me! - Ed)
Pretty sure if u ring the council they will come to dispose of moggy! Sorry don't have the number! IMO DON'T bung it in the bin!!!!


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Just had a skeg on SBC site, no info' I could see. I should ring 01785 619402, the general enquiries number. Frustrating as I had a dead badger outside our house, they did collect it, but i didn't save the number!
(He probably fell on the little fecker from a great height:pint:Ed) !

I checked the website searching under "dead cat" and it states they collect dead animals but won't collect from private property.


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I once found a dead badger and was actually advised to move it to the side of a road so it would be taken away.

As the nearest road was several hundred metres away, and the badger was in rather an advanced stage of decomposition, i left it for nature to take it's course.

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why dont you put it in a bag and put a call/advert out to say what area it was found in....that might help trace the owner. Put it on here as my daughter has cats and has freinds with cats


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Where does your relative live? A neighbour on Wildwood has lost their elderly black & white cat several weeks ago and wonders whether it has gone off to die.