Deluxe Chocolate Fountain for Hire


Honourary Staffordian
We have a professional Chocolate Fountain which cost £1600 and would be willing to hire it for £150. The Hire includes an operator for two hours to ensure everthing runs smoothly, five dips each for 60 guests and a full fountain of luxurious Belgian Chocolate.

We will travel up to 10 miles from Stafford and will provide serviettes, side plates and skewers.

This price is very competitive and if you are looking to add something different to your party or event, get in touch.

01785253595 ask for Stuart

Astro Boy

Pocket Rocket
hmmmm chocolate. this sounds like a whole lot of fun which, if i lived in stafford, would be hired for myself and the girlfriend to see if we could induce a chocolate coma. :heyhey: :urgh:


Honourary Staffordian
I said luxury..It's actually Belgian calletts, I tried Fairtrade flakes of dark chocolate but it didn't run well and gunged the machine up. However I do buy Fairtrade tea, Coffee, Bananas, Liquorice bars and biscuits, etc.
The Chocolate bars are ok, but it would cost about £600 just to fill the fountain by crushing up the Milk Chocolate Divine Bars.

I even had a FairBeard last month, Stopped shaving for 9 weeks and trimmed the wisps with scissors, saved myself over £40 on razor Blades and helped save the planet, by not using the leccy razor.