Electra Glide in Blue.


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I've always regarded this as one of my "favourite films", although tonight's viewing may only have been the fourth, and I haven't seen it since the very early 1980s.

I wasn't disappointed, even better than I 'remembered'.


A large bottle of Nigerian Guinness with it, containing slightly over the recommended daily alcohol allowance for an adult male, left me wondering if I was safe to put the bin out.


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Think I first saw that at the Plaza in Rugeley.
It was a Wetherspoons last time I passed through there.


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Many people didn't like the ending … but I couldn't see how it could end any other way.


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There has to be at least an argument that you might expand your range outside of the 20th Century.

Given that we are 20% inside the 21st.

You'd almost certainly dig Tarantino, for example, given that he at least agrees with you that you should not take one step outside of the 1970's.

There be Dragons.