Embers Restaurant - formerly Hood Steakhouse.

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I wonder if they lost their chef. Massive shortage everywhere. I may see someone who will know in the week...


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Can anyone confirm they also own The Square?
Before it opened, we were having a nosy and got talking to the owner during the renovation.

He said that he and his partner were opening The Hood with another couple.

That other couple we’re taking over the former Pizza Express (The Square) with another couple.

So, one couple were 50% of both The Hood and The Square.


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Facebook tells me they've just changed the name of their page to Ember Restaurants so maybe they are trying again.


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We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Embers Restaurant.
A stunning Steak Restaurant in the heart of Stafford.
With an amazing team of staff, highly skilled and experienced chefs and an exciting menu we will be opening in September 2021.
Keep an eye out for updates as we start uploading menus and offers over the coming weeks!
We look forward to welcoming you all.
Tom & Leah owners of Embers Restaurant.


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According to the gatehouse Facebook page, Embers is offering a pre theater discount - so I guess it lives?
The Facebook page would suggest that people may have eaten there on October the 3rd.

And they have a menu up for December this year.