First Rehearsal was success!


Honourary Staffordian
The Staffordshire Ceremonial Corps of Fifes & Drums successfully held their first rehearsal in the Theatre today, Sunday 14th October 2007. Organised by Major David Keats MBE, there were some ex Army bandsmen, some ex army cadets and some people who were just interested in joining.

The first ceremonial parade is in Brewood for Armistace and the band hope to have some new members for then. If anyone is interested in learning to play the fife, flute, drum or even bugle, get in touch and attend the next rehearsal which will be next Sunday morning at the Theatre at 9a.m.

The music we will play are traditional Fife tunes and marches from Colonial times and beyond and it is vital that this music is played and heard before it gets relegated to wherever our cultural and historic traditions goes nowadays.

Stafford has lost the RAF band, the Police band and Iam not even sure if there is even a Boys Brigade Band anymore, We need to support this initiative so Staffordians can once again have a Military style band to parade in ceremonies, pageants and displays, this will add to Stafford's appeal and by taking part international competitions, will put us back on the map.

If you are interested get in touch.


James Myatt
Could be interested once I've moved back up from Essex. I normally play drum kit in rock / metal bands, but I had a long history in the Staffordshire Youth Wind Orchestra.


Honourary Staffordian
When do you move up from Essex Jim? I have a nice side drum with gut snare waiting for you.

We have some fifes and are purchasing new ones in the next few weeks, so you don't have to worry about any outlay. The band will take off soon and if you would like to be part of it, get in touch. We have already generated some interest with a venue wanting to book us once we are proficient enough which should take about 6 months. We also have had enquiries from Civic Council, which will hopefully lead to us performing at Civic Parades.