Foregate Street, one of the dangerous roads in town ?

Tumble weed

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What's it going to take to curb the idiots driving down this road? It's ridiculous the amount of accidents happening here and the fencing must get put though at least once a month. Can't be safe for the pedestrians, even those on the foot path !

Theresa Green

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It is correct

That there are frequent RTC's

Railings have been smashed multiple times

Bus stops demolished

Lorry tyre explosions

Never ever consider walking alongside the electric testing building

And don't forget the Stafford traffic lights rule. One car may pass through the lights once they have changed to a red

A good job the M6 never closes anymore isn't

Tumble weed

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I have to say never seen a single accident or aftermath there.
Walked past it tonight and they've had to close the lane nearest to Currys as the fence has been put through, but it's a twisted mess , half on the pavement and half across the road . A bit further up, they've held the fence together with masking tape after never bothering to fix it after one of the last crashes, and the other side gets put through on a monthly basis too.


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Where the railings are the road isn't quite wide enough so you either get pushed into the railings or cars on the other side get pushed over into the other lane.
White lines have all but worn away so people get in the wrong lane and the cut others up as they go past the old Glover Street test centre.


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It's a shockingly dangerous bit of road. It needs something down the middle to stop traffic coming the other direction from drifting in to the oncoming traffic.

As for the boy racers who may or may not die when they hit the safety railings that protects the pedestrians, you make your choices, but perhaps think about the innocent loved ones you might leave behind before driving like dick heads :(

As an aside, a recent survey from the council contained a question about removing the safety railings altogether so as usual the council oblivious to an existing issue and looking to exacerbate it! Who'd a thought it!

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So realistically, the council just doesn't want to continue to pay for the new fencing repeatedly, rather than solve the problem of the road.

The fence was the only thing that slowed the car down so it didn't end up inside Currys during lockdown ...


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Never ever consider walking alongside the electric testing building
The blue fencing in this Street View -!1sMTvq6Pvo9ASwbnqwYEtY5g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 - does obscure the state of the earlier 'Foregate Street' sign here, but it would have been an exciting event for any pedestrian who was there at the time.

It may well be that the state of the abandoned drainage arrangements there could actually have saved people, it is not wise to use that route in inclement weather...


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Given all the noise I hear from "modded" cars. I can only assume the people who used to go to Cannock come here now. Could do with a high court injunction here too. That'll be one of the main causes for fence damage I imagine.

But my biggest beef is with the low powered motorbikes where they've obviously removed all of the baffles.