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Can anyone recommend a local print firm who can produce some sticky labels for us at a good price? Maybe even pop a few extra free in if we order a stack?
We had paid for some from a seller on a well known auction website but they have arrived with shocking cut alignment as you can see in the second photo.
We'll take that up with the seller but we're going to need more and would sooner get it right this time.




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Not every interaction we have is caught on camera or added to our blog, whether that's because of safeguarding concerns, or camera shyness, or the fact that we plain forget.

However we can tell you that in the last few weeks we have provided free equipment to several more deprived families, through referrals made by our new found friends at:

-Wolverhampton City Council (Adult education)
-Staffordshire County Council (Family support)
-Newcastle & Stafford College group (Student services)
-Spring Housing (Homelessness mentors)
-Making Space (Supported care)
-Sickle Cell Family Support Wolverhampton

We thank you all again for your continued donations of equipment and financial help towards our running costs and spare parts :)
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Just got rid of a bunch of old kit at the radio :(

Will keep you in mind if we upgrade anything else.


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Can you help us buy some parts?
Each one of these red stickers represents a part we need to buy to restore these laptops to former glory and then give them a new home where they are desperately needed.
We're happy to provide the skills to repair these for free, but we depend on your kind help to fund the bits and bobs that we can't escape paying for.
You can find our secure payment link at
In total there's around £150 of parts needed for these 6 laptops, but we promise even the smallest donation will go to good use as pennies make pounds



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Always a pleasure to link up with Georgia and the team at Wolverhampton City Council's adult education service, where we've been able to provide devices to help their clients get online when they would have had no other way to manage their online affairs.
It's thanks to your kind donations of unwanted kit and help towards our running costs and spare parts that we are able to do all this for free, and help so many families with equipment where it's desperately needed