Fuel Wankers.


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Oil prices are up massively so unlikely. I thought I was being too smug with my oil fired boiler...


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You missed out the bit about being closed ever first and third Thursday afternoon for 'staff training'.
I missed out lots of stuff. Like just not answering at all - and telling people, when you do answer, that there is no record of them being registered there, even when they registered in 1975.

And telling them, when they actually arrive for fuel, that they don't need any. Then telling them, when they've run out, that they should have come earlier.


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I also missed out finally getting an appointment in nine days time for someone, who has been trained in gauge-reading, to read your gauge properly and confirm to you that the tank is actually empty.

Then getting another appointment, a fortnight later, for someone to check that the filler cap will still open.



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Has any major Western economy had food and fuel shortages in living memory? My wife (seems weird saying that) says it really reminds her of the fall of the Soviet Union.


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My mate at work used to be in the forces during the WW2 war , driving a lorry on her own transporting mostly italian prisoners of war from south coast to up north. ...
I used to wonder how on earth she coped having to fix her own breakdowns , whilst driving with no lights on and no directions sign posts etc.
(She said she wasn't scared of the prisoners, as they would rather go to our POW camps than escape and have to face death going back to fighting again)

I never thought about where she got her fuel from en-route whilst out in the wilderness....


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Fuel rationing expected ( never happened though, I wish I'd kept my little ration vouchers) back in 1972(ish). I remember saying at the time they'd never get away with actually rationing it they'd just put the tax up until it was a pound a gallon.
3day week at about the same time saw food & bogroll shotages.


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Are things starting to settle down now? I filled up last Thursday before it all kicked off and I'll be ready for a top up tomorrow.


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Yes, still some shortages but if the first station is empty the next one will have some.