Hiking - Staffordshire Tolkien Trail


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I recently came across this booklet on the council website, detailing "three circular walks in the footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien", by Scott Whitehouse & David Robbie. I decided to create digital versions of each, to use on my phone when I go hiking. Some of you might get some use out of them as well.

Tolkien Trail - Great Haywood

Tolkien Trail - Cannock Chase

Tolkien Trail - Gipsy Green


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Avoid having to 'sign up' or 'log in', by accessing what I imagine is the same information, by using the link below.

Provided by our County Council, and of course indirectly by us! :heyhey:
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As someone has mentioned Tolkien, gives me an opportunity to ramble on about an unrelated topic. Mrs Noah's great grandfather was signalling instructor at Bedford during the First World War and almost certainly was involved in Tolkien's basic training there in 1915. Mrs Noah certainly knew Terry Pratchett when they were both working at CEGB. His office was immediately above hers & she reckoned that his office had the best Christmas Parties in the place and her office hosted the second best.