Holly Bush, Salt -Tenancy Available.


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Been on the market since late June/early July, Admiral are offering a five year lease. Little interest in pubs at the moment, some have been on the market for 6 months or more.

"The Holly Bush is the second-oldest inn to be granted a licence (in the 12th Century)" Or to be slightly more accurate nearer 1620 (if indeed it was the second oldest pub to be awarded a licence)

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One of those places I planned to visit but never got round to it, I heard the food was pretty good. I have been past it a couple of times lately, whoever takes it on will also have to spend a few quid on tidying it up (it does not look as good as in the glossy photos on the marketing website!).


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Just thinking aloud.

If Admiral are not able to find a mug to give them £65k in rent a year, they may be "forced" to sell it as residential and a nice building plot or two on the car park.
They may send in someone themselves first, to prove it isn't viable?


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I went past on Thursday and there was scaffolding up with a fairly clear intention(!) to 'tent' the entire building - presumably there will be considerable attention (!) to the roof.

It looks like a fair amount of money is to be spent on the place.


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Gather it has been acquire by the people who own the Mill at Worston. Being refurbished. Expect it to be moved upmarket with prices to match.


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Ooops. Looks like they forgot to get planning permission for rethatching the roof. Had to put in a retrospective - should go through without a problem.