House of Bread - Stafford.


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Hi All,

Just wanted to share with you guys a project that myself and a few other guys from some churches started inn Stafford a few years ago. We provide a meal on a wednesday evening for anyone who is homeless, vulnerable or in need at all. Its a wonderful place and we have some big plans to do and help more people.

If you know anyone in need or ever come across anyone in difficulty, heres one place you can direct them. We meet at Trinity Church every wednesday evening at 6.00.

We have also started a foodbank and signed a contract to take bread from Greggs at the end of the day!

Please check out the facebook page if your interested!!/h.o.b.stafford

Lisa gass

Hi I am interested in helping out once a month on the weds and on Christmas Day serving food and talking to people. I work as a psychiatric nurse during the week and I am keen ! Lisa Gass


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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your comment and offer, if you sign up to the facebook page or message me thru hear i will get you hooked up!

Look out for us in the Newsletter over Christmas as we look to get the word further out there that there!


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where is the FOOD BANK what sort of stuff would you accept and when can it be dropped off?


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HI Nice Dave, Love your avatar, im slightly more family guy though im afraid!!

I believe that the food bank at the moment is open for delivery on Monday and Fri mornings, we would prefer mainly tinned food but packets are ok too. As you can imagine we get a lot of timmed tomotoes and pinapple chunks, which is ok but its good to have some meaty products in the bags that we hand out!


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Peter, i will post the details of the foodbank tomorrow , promise. 47 people came to house of bread tonight!


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Last week i noticed there was a mini encampment in the willow trees just the other side (from town) of the Riverway bridge. The very next day i noticed that the encampment was almost completely under water.

I do hope they are ok.

Also interested in foodbank news, and if able to square it away may be available for dole duty.

I don't have any truck with no religious doling though - advise as to whether this would be problematic?


Nixon Garden Neatness
Really good idea for Stafford, which is supposed to be an affluent area but social problems are not always in the public eye.
I would also like to help out once every six weeks or so. Got lots of family commitments so can’t give more time.
Noticed other things around Stafford to help people - the signpost centre in Highfields help folk all they can. Free tea and toast and access to internet. Citizen’s advice has outreach service there on Thursdays.
Stafford Borough Council and Citizens Advice Bureau have a benefit and debt awareness session at Silkmore Children’s Centre in Exeter Street - Wednesday 5th December 10am - 12 noon The bureau and the council will be there to advise people about the new bedroom tax and other benefit changes. They will also be able to do benefit checks for people.
There are some massive changes being made to the Welfare Benefit System. Housing and Council Tax benefits are also changing and Universal Credits are being introduced to replace most existing benefits.
Does anyone else know of any other service that helps people perhaps we can start our own information thread on the forum


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ok guys, as i thought at the moment the foodbank location is at drummond road...see map below, and drop off times are monday 9-12 and fri 9-12. hopefully by Christmas we will have the location in the town centre and that will be permanent and manned much more often. There is a logic that says you may want to wait until such a time to drop off but you are most welcome to come down and have a look. think about how you might be able tro collect, maybe putting an empty box with a 'house of bread food bank' sign on? Again, the facebook link is really good and gives you a good flavour of what is going on, we are working on referrels and how that will work, its all moving very quickly so more news on that soon!

the above location is where street scene have their base so you would need to knock on their door!


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Tesco is holding a one day event supporting Food Banks today Does any one know if our local branch is involved?

House Of Bread

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Ray Crowther's interview with William Morris from House of Bread is to broadcast on Sunday 24th March via XL-FM between 11am and 12 noon.

As part of the “Stafford on Sunday” programme, Will talks about HoB, our beginnings, our dreams and our hopes for the future in support of the venerable of Stafford.

The interview may also be found on You Tube at:-