It's Complimentary, My Dear Watson

Lunar Scorpion

Anarchy in the UK
I have no idea what the fig (such a great word, and they're almost as good for you as happy thoughts) this has to do with Sherlock Holmes, but it sounded good.

The idea of this thread is that you say one nice thing about the person who most recently posted here, until we all die or the internet breaks. Let's generate some auspicious chi by giving and receiving compliments via this thread!

(I feel sorry for whoever is first... :lol:)


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In all credit to you Lunar you were very involved with LMHR and I for one find that commendable!

Now you didn't expect that, did you? :lol:

Now i feel really sorry for the next person!


Is that a Moomin?
Umm...Dont know U unfortunalty so I'll go with...."hasnt killed anyone" (and hope i'm right)


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I was amazed we didn't find any bodies in your house when you moved, i was expecting at least one randomer who came back one night and got forgotten about...


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Haha did you get downtown to 'dispose' of them? I knew there's a reason he bought a big car...


^^^ Funny! Which was why I skilled him/her/bitofboth yesterday

Hey Tek...nice to see you on my thread the other day on HUKD :)


I'm a Staffooooooordian
Shoes is a jolly good fella for taking loads of photos at the LMHR gig (although I have never seen any!)