Ladybirds are trying to invade my house


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There's 3 or 4 on every window! None inside yet. What's going on? Attack of the Harlequins?

The Hawk

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Just spotted a few on our office window.
This one, on my window frame today, is not spotted. ;)



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An orange one with cream spots landed on me earlier.

Minime rescued 2 from the kitchen, I managed to keep the rest out.


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Looking to nest/hide away for the winter? Great for greenfly so if you grow anything try to keep them about!
I had a moment this year when I found weird larvae all over my plants. Turns out, that's what baby ladybirds look like!


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You can feel it already, can't you? It's coming.

They'll hibernate over winter - they'll be looking for somewhere good to put their heads down now.

If you haven't already got a 'bug hotel', get one - if you've a load of bamboo canes, put them out somewhere.