Local vets for a dog (plus other questions).


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Just had a call from the vets, apparently the bloods we had done pre-op showed he's a little anaemic. Said it could be an anomaly, and she was willing to go ahead anyway, but wanted to see if we'd rather wait a week and have him checked again in case we have another issue that needs addressing. I may be being over cautious but the op is cancelled today, his balls survive another week.

So you don't need that Swedish meatball recipe just yet then? :)


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Ollie is now home, looking sorry for himself. Was full of energy in the vets but crashed as soon as in the car, now on the chair behind me while I catch up on work. Back in on the 9th for more blood.


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New addition to the family (not mine, my dad's new puppy ...


He's a Welsh Terrier/Patterdale Cross.

Welly boots for size comparison...

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The dish brush on the floor is his *toy, not just a random brush on the floor...

*it fell on the floor and he claimed it as his, so now it is. I'm not saying he's spoiled.... But no other dogs have been allowed on the furniture... He's allowed EVERYWHERE!


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He's a little cracker .... :D
He really is, we would so love another dog, but feel it irresponsible as we are both at work all the time (our last one was a golden retriever, that needed 2hrs + walking a day)..... But if another one of 'Morgan' was available it may be home with me now (there were only 2 pups in the litter) ... I could of slipped him into my handbag and brought him home with me.... He's pick-up-able with one hand! So sweet and a very calm puppy, although he won't stay that size.

Maybe I need one of those Japanese robot company dogs from James May's programme about Japan.


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Today Cici gained a new sister.... Annie, I think she maybe from Penkridges Romanian rescues too... But I'm not sure as middle son snook her home while I was on my way to Wales.....

Annie on the left,, Cici on the right...


(someone tell my kids that they should be having babies, not more puppies!)