Look Out Of Your Window Now! Astronomical events.


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basil said:
nuffin scared em ........


don't mention the blinds
i often wonder what neanderthal would make of ketchup in squeezy plastic bottles.....


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Sorry not now exactly.

If by some miracle the cloud clears by 11.50 the ISS will be very bright in the sky, rising in the West and setting in the East 6 mins later.

Visible at various times and at various magnitudes in the coming week as documented here.

Also check out this page (which isn't live and doesn't always work) for what the inhabitants can see from their window.

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It's a sign!

Blessed are the cheesemakers..

I have my just deposited my postal order with the Bank Of Interantional Settlements and one day hope to have saved enough for a telescope

thanks for the tip..there is a slight breaking over the marshes

Incidentally, when is an eye not naked?