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Welcome Steph. After working full time and only having my work mates for all those years before I had my son (I was classed as a geriatric mum at 40!) I found lots of new friends by joining mother & toddler groups. Took a lot of courage to actually get out there and join a complete group of strangers , but made some great friends who both me & son are still in touch with . (He's 20 now , gosh I feel old!)


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Hi.... :)
You're welcome to join our regular clients and new visitors at The Signpost Centre in Highfields.
We're an organisation operating from a community centre, but we support and encourage people from all of Stafford and the surrounding areas.
Our centre offers refreshments, free internet, free telephone, groups and courses, advice, and also a parents group which may interest you.
You can find more information on our facebook page or our website :)