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This morning's ocean crossing was a little misty - that slight change of tone at the top of the picture is the 'horizon'.


I thought there would be little to see, then this came whizzing past. It is actually an ex-US Navy vessel, though a civilian ferry now.


The later versions do look a bit more 'military'.



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The Queen Elizabeth alongside in Canada in 1940. The Admiralty took her over for war work before she was finished building and fitting out. To get her away from the bombing they sailed her across to Canada in absolute secrecy to get the final work done.
She became a troop carrier, capable of accommodating an entire infantry division, about 15000 men. Because of her speed she rarely if ever went in convoy, but zig zagged across the Atlantic at full speed, in excess of 30 knots, or getting on for 40 mph. Not bad for a more than 80,000 ton ship. (There weren't that many warships that could stay with her at that speed.)
Hard to imagine the disaster had one torpedo been able to destroy a full division, but for a U boat to be able to target her, it would have to be very lucky in positioning.