Mundane facts about your day: Part Deux.


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Long ago I realised that that pubs are ideal when a lavatory is needed and the chance of a rest with a nice pint is a bonus.
From my 2004 and 2012 weekends in Torquay though I found the Hole in the Wall to be about the only really good pub.
Trouble is , once I've gone in to use the loo and had a cider, once we leave I'd soon be wanting to go again....

We liked The Hole in the Wall on past holidays as well. Had planned a night out in Torquay, but catching a bus the other way tonight to Brixham.

Seafront cafes have even got payable metal loo cubicles outside for their customers. :roll:

Spoilt our usual long daytime walks , as would cost a bloody fortune once we did find the open loos enroute. And with so many closed up , quite a distance between them.
(Pubs cottoned on to non customers nipping in as well . )

We spend a fortune on meals and drinks in the pubs at night , but daytimes tend to be pub free. Could do with getting ' free daytime loo passes' each time we go to the bar at night for use the next day as we walk past :lol:

Edit.....change of plan.....just went to buy hubby's ticket & bloody bus service cancelled tonight.:o Aaaaargghh
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And 20 or so model boats in the disabled toilet???