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We Rock Like Girls Don't notably rocked like girls reportedly do not.

The Ford Squad will always be remembered with much fondness in my heart.

There were some fantastic gigs that they put on.

A Child Rasputin did not, in the interim, recall her f*cking name - because she never told him.

That this is ten years ago or so is quite depressing - where are the Ford Squads of tomorrow?
Only 3 years late in posting a reply! Just watching Yesterday and saw programme with Spencer Davies Group and remarked to my husband that I'd seen them live at a R&B club in Stafford in the 60s. He's a Londoner and he thought I was making it up when I listed some of the bands who played there. Alan Price, Georgie Fame, Small Faces, Manfred Mann, Long John Baldrey, Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll and many many more. Top of the World had the more 'pop' groups and also saw The Who in Hanley and The Stones at Trentham. Used to sneak off to The Place and Placemate and went to Twisted Wheel a couple of times.


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What was the name of the trio - Ade on bass, Jim on guitar, X on drums - that played @ whatever the pub was called that is now the chip shop @ Greyfriars?

Very late eighties - very early nineties, that kind of time?

That was quite a special gig

I remember it proportionally.
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I'm attempting to write a timeline of all of the music events I've been to. But my memory is not what it was. I think...

I'm sure I saw the Yardbirds at the Stafford Rugby Club in a marquee sometime in the 60's. Not sure that Clapton was with them, but Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce were there I think. Can anyone confirm that I'm not any dafter than my wife thinks I am.

I also used to go to Blues gigs at the BRC Club. Positive I saw Spencer Davies Group there, plus regular visits by American blues singers.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank.