Needing friends :-)


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i wonder how many people go in to use the free phone when they have no credit to get bud

Mrs B

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Hi, I'm Natalie, 39 and have recently moved to Stafford with my two children. I'm looking for friends to socialise with in the day and evenings. I'm needing some adult company and miss the girly chats!

Hi Nat, I'm Jo 39 with two older children 13 and 10 but Im also looking for friends. Please feel free to message me


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I'm also 39 (bloke) and have a 10 year old girl. Always happy to drink costa with anyone needing company. Well, just always happy to drink costa infact.
My daughter's school is at the opposite end of town and she doesnt really know anyone from round our way (Highfields) as I only recently won custody, so evenings are generally just us, which is great for me but I see it gets boring for her.
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Happy to be your friend Natalie, I’m in Cannock though! X