Not a bribe, not a bribe at all


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Great News

Hs2 to go ahead

Yarlet Bank to be closed for 7 and a quarter years.

Rhubarb and Custard sweeties only a pound at Co-op


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Stage 1

Stage 1 Will see Hs2 terminate at The Woodman pub , Birminum.

Stage 2

Stage 2 Will see the Euston regeneration scheme moved to somewhere between Lundun and Hatfield .

Stage 3

Stage 3 Will see The Woodman Pub to Manchester section delayed to pay for the repairs from the Great City of Lundun Flood of 2039

Stage 3 Abandoned

2047 Yarlet Bank announced as the site for the New Houses of Parliament as Lundun is now under 5 foot of bilge water

2048 House prices in Stafford average £6m
The Bank House starts doing chips

2049 The Bank House stops doing chips, and is bought by Chakka Johnson, daughter of the late former Prime Minister ( 2019 - 2021 )