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MISS T said:
I've said it before, but Anders I don't know how you put up with him.
Thanks for that vote of confidence, Miss T. I'll be putting you down as a personal referee on my next job application.


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Behind every face, is a mind just like mine?
A mine-field of minor indiscretions,
All entwined,
And often I think,
That if your minds anything like mine,
Then why aren't you laughing all the time.

I think to myself,
And watch my thoughts and smile,
And sometimes laugh out loud,
Of the stupid thoughts I think for miles,
How ludicrous it is,
How foolishly happy I was as a child,
And the way it seems people are even more foolish now.

So we grow and forget,
The people we met,
And think unhappily,
'I still haven't made it yet,
I'm glad I never made that bet'.
And then we wear a very sensible,
Self-conscious face of regret,
Apparently it's all for the best.

Fragments of Truth

I understand and comprehend moments of fragmentary truth,
An abstract, distraction of fact, certainty is absurd,
There's no truth in that.
There's not much around I take as matter of fact,
In our lives,
Behind life's mask there are always lies.
There's no mode for living, no manual for giving,
No answer to knowing, no warnings on sinning,
There are barriers to winning,
And guides to growing,
You could lose it all tomorrow,
But still end up showing,
That you put them all to use,
Those momentary comprehensions of fragments of truth.


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Gangsta’ trippin’,
Territorial spittin’,
‘Thug life’,
Love’s lost,
Hate fuels,
These fools,
Be cool,
Stay in school.

ASBO yob,
No mafia god,
Posture and pose,
Another broken nose,
Alienated and illiterate,
Angry and belligerent,
Wasted intelligence,
Plays the idiot.

No Eastside or Westside,
Unorganised rabble,
Swinging blades,
Purpose fades,
Lost in the dark,
Pushed them all away,
Paranoid and scared,
No way back,
Now no-one cares,
You must attack.


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no seriously, i love hip hop music and a lot of rappers in my eyes are poetic geniuses. the ones that rant about gunz n shit should re-channel their energy more positively. social commentary is an important tool to better understand our society - glorifying crime ain't such a good thing in my eyes - iz it?


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yep its true fair play mate...i just thought it was funny the idea of a chav dipping into a verse or two of Kipling or DH Lawrence with his mates while he downs his third can of special brew and scrounges a spliff...that we would be rather spiffing in a satirical Kerouac spoof comedy sketch....!!!

cheers for reading it as well...


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Isn’t it wonderful, the way the word ‘celebrities’?
Rhymes so well with the term ‘non-entities’,
I ask myself the question, ‘why all the concern’?
With the screwed up face of that scouser Pete Burns,
So I ponder and I think, then can only assume,
That it’s like smelling a mystery odour in a room,
Curious as you are, though you know it’s absurd,
You find your self looking for a great big turd.

So this is what we have for our modern culture,
We celebrate ‘dead meat’ and the circling vultures,
Boob-jobs, blow-jobs and hand-jobs, could all sound like careers,
But all that Jordan’s ever done is play on young girls fears,
Though I must admit she looks like a good dirty feck,
I’d be afraid to split the seams of all her nip and tucks,
She was built piece by piece; though I guess we’re all disparate parts,
We’ve separated sex from our lonely lonely hearts,
When you look around seems we’ve the depth of a puddle,
There’s clubs for loves sakes where you can pay for a cuddle!

So these are the people we briefly have as heroes,
Nothings built to last these days so we turn them into zeroes,
Is it just a question of morbid curiosities?
Or do we see our selves as the same monstrosities,
I could swear that through history the people we admired,
Were leaders and inventors who left us feeling inspired,
Perhaps now and then when we look into the mirror,
What we see staring back at us just makes us shiver,
The real reason for all these empty hollow dreams of fame,
Is simply just a sign that our self-esteem is on the wane.


You knows it
Very insightful Mr(?) Bumcheeks. I reckon all this obsession with so called 'celebrities' will die down in a few years. I know i'm bored of it already. There surely can only be so many crap celebrity tv shows they can make and then we can get back to showing our adulation to people who do something like sports stars, musicians etc.


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we can only live in hope beeb, maybe the 'mob' will suddenly decide that buddhism is the way and start looking inwards to find peace, free of external opinions as a justification for our existence...

maybe celebrities are actually sith lords...concerned only with there own power and the wielding of it for there own ends instead of for the good of other people...(almost a quote from Revenge of the Sith; where Anakin is being duped by President Bus....i mean the Chancellor to work with him and not trust the Jedi's...)

but then again there can only be two sith lords at a time...theres loads of celebrities...but hang on...maybe.....maybe...
shit..SHIT....ant and dec are Sith lords...!!!!!!!!!

we are truly loved...

but which one is master and which is the apprentice...

mmmnn...i need to think about this...


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BBC said:
Very insightful Mr(?) Bumcheeks. I reckon all this obsession with so called 'celebrities' will die down in a few years. I know i'm bored of it already. There surely can only be so many crap celebrity tv shows they can make and then we can get back to showing our adulation to people who do something like sports stars, musicians etc.
Good call.


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GILLETTE FUSION IS THE FUTURE (How a Moron Chooses) - A bawdy morality tale.

I learned that those ahead in the world,
Are defined by their possessions,
So when I make any kind of purchase,
I choose with utmost discretion,
Making sure you win the game,
It’s how you accessorize,
Getting it right and reading magazines,
Is a military exercise,
Keep close eyes on latest fashion sections,
Because all consumer items,
Speak volumes about who and what I am,
They’re a verifiable indictment.

To be seen is to be known,
So moisturise and exfoliate,
Everyone knows that ‘Clinique Turbo-Hyper H20’,
Beats the cheaper replicate,
I can be confident with those I know,
If my shopping falls on the floor,
The packages will stop them laughing,
Those Jones’s from next door,
What I pay is always top,
They’ll know it by its name,
It’s not that I’ve been brain-washed,
By another ad campaign.

When I shave I feel like a king,
With Gillette Fusion I’m the future,
Bought the pre-cream and the after-shave my bathroom’s so much cuter,
In the world of manly skin care,
I know that I have the best,
Even shave my ball-bag,
Forget Wilkinson and the rest,
Why have one or two blades for a shave,
It makes no sense to me,
When four with one upon the back is the new found modern way.


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cheers was gonna do my crack as well,
but the head of the gillette fusion was just too damn big...
couldn't even use the litte one on the back...its got no guard...
i feared for my ring...

more poetic rambling from tenshon ....