Real life terror


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Random conversation at work has inspired me to start a new thread...

We have the Happy thread and the Rant thread - how's about the Terror thread?

What scares / has scared you of late?

Example that led to this post: Wasps 'n' bees

I don't have a fear of the furry, stinging little blighters - unless in the shower. Picture this:

You are in the shower, scrubbing away, possibley singing happily to yourself. And then you hear it, "Zzzzzz". It's a meaty Zzzzz, something that sounds as though it may be carrying an offensive weapon. You can hear it but you can't see it - so you start tentatively poking objects to see if anything pops out. Just as you give up and decide it is 'outside' the window, there is it - the mother of all wasps - you've annoyed it, and you're naked.


Not a good place to be.

Ah well, here ends my mad random post. Anyone else have any nightmare scenarios to share?

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as some one who is terrified of wasps since a small child, you have just added a new terror to my life ,one that i had not before thought of, i shall never shower again! :eek:


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theflamingred said:
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linky no work for me :(

might be because streaming media is blocked at work, which i guess this is.. care to summarise for us luddites?
Risk Astley :gonk:

An item on something called Rick Rolling.
ah, i'm aware of the phenomenon.. i'm glad to see more and more geeky internet memes making their way to this forum.. next we'll have someone storming in and yelling LEEEEEEEEERRROOOOOOOOY JENKINS! lol..

i'm surprised to see a bbc link on the subject though.. and how does rick rolling fill you with "real life terror"?? lol