Important Rules for the Meeting People in Stafford section


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Reaching out in the hope of meeting someone is already a difficult thing to do, so let's try and make it easier on fellow Staffordians by being nice, eh? I shouldn't need to impose rules, one would have thought the following are common sense, but just in case:

Rules for the Meeting people in Stafford forum:

1) Treat people with respect. Do not mock their post or their request. If it doesn't interest you, move on.
2) Do not derail threads. You have all the other sections to engage in frivolity, jokes, and heated discussion!

That's it. Nice and simple, as it should be.

I will do my best to police this section more strictly from now on, so if you are unsure or anxious about making a post, please go ahead and do so safe in the knowledge that I will maintain decorum, if needed! :)

Another Forumite put it rather better than I:

Withnail said:
I rather subscribe to the view that if you are not 'dedicated to meeting people in real life', perhaps this is ergo not the forum for you. would behove us all to do the decent thing if we are not actually 'single and looking for that special someone, or perhaps ... just want[ing] to find friends to have coffee with' to leave alone.
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I always preferred the bill and Ted philosophy of be excellent to each other, or even the wise words of juice comedy don't be a dickhead.

But I'm not single, so shall butt out!