Shire Hall To Reopen (?)


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The old library space is a great place for an enterprise hub, enterprise hubs are great things - none of this addresses the actual usage of the shire hall.

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Apparently the shire hall has been pulled back into emergency use by higher powers, so transformation of it to a business hub has most definitely been pushed back indefinitely.

"Richard Knapper ** I read that the magistrates court had been bought by the council and that area was to be redeveloped.

However what I couldn’t quite fathom is that the home office have setup a nightingale court in the shire hall to deal with the backlog of cases.

I would have thought it would have made sense for the council to rent out their lovely magistrates court for the home office to use as a nightingale and leave the shire hall alone.

Surely the plans for the shire hall will be put on hold / delayed as a result of its current use.

I’m sure the council have a logical reason....... hmmmm. "