Shire Hall To Reopen (?)


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As long as Janeway's Voyager doesn't turn up, bringing variants from the Delta quadrant into Stafford.

I can just see Seven of Nine standing at the door handing out masks and saying: "Resistance is futile." .... (Not that anybody in their right mind would resist her .... :heyhey:)


don't mention the blinds

Should fit nicely in the central space below the clock......

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So what exactly does an enterprise hub do? Is it a place for Kirk's Enterprise to be able to restock?

Its a place where you can work, they were very popular before everyone changed to working from home.

Pity it is a few years late.

After the council touted the building to all and sundry with no takers, we get the White Elephant Enterprise Hub (with no visitor parking). Scooters welcome.


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That Enterprise hub was supposed to be in Sainsbury (in the space where the pharmacy was, along with Specksavers), for some reason it all got shelved just before covid took hold.


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Now the economy is picking-up I could throw my hat in the ring for one. Might open a Lebanese restaurant specialising in various dishes involving sheep's b@llocks. Anyone think there is a market for it?...

Lebanese food is fantastic and even as a meat eater I love their vegetarian food. As such I politely request that you refrain from talking absolute b@llocks :)

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Seen this tonight , thought it was worthy of a post, for those of you who don't venture out at night :p

Will be a shame when it becomes a business hub, won't be any reason for your "Average Joe" to enter it.


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Tumble weed

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Should have stayed in the people's hands. You can hardly walk through the business hub to view the old court and cells now. Shame it'll probably just be boxed off.