Slightly odd request about sewing machines.


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Hi, probably a bit of a long shot but here goes.

I have my late mother's Bernina 1008 sewing machine, but can't find the foot pedal and power cord.

I don't really want to shell out £100 for a new one unless I'm sure the machine is working.

I don't suppose anyone has one they could lend me for a very short while?

TIA Claire.


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If you can find a fairly local store then maybe they'd let you test it out and then purchase the pedal?


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Bernina stockist in Walsall.

There was a Singer shop in Crabbery Street years ago, long gone now - and the Craft Cabin in Weston Road had some expertise, but also gone...

None of the people I know with an electric machine have a Bernina of any sort, unfortunately.