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Here's a few quiz questions I put together for a social quiz my brother was hosting with his walking group "PastFinders" in South Wales last week. Seems a shame to just use them the once, so feel free to include them in any you're putting together. As I've compiled a few quizzes over the years, I'll add more questions as I come across them.

Anyway, here goes....

Which famous “Christmas” book was written by these famous author?

Charles Dickens –
“A Christmas Carol”
Terry Pratchett –
“The Hogfather”
Clement C Moore –
“The Night Before Christmas” (aka “A Visit From St Nicholas”)
Dr Seuss –
“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
Chris van Allsburg -
“The Polar Express”
J R R Tolkien –
“Letters From Father Christmas”

Who played Scrooge in the following movies?

A Christmas Carol (1951) –
Alastair Sim
The Muppet Christmas Carol –
Michael Caine
Scrooged –
Bill Murray
Mickey's Christmas Carol –
Scrooge McDuck
Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009) –
Jim Carrey
the 2000 present-day TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol (as loan shark Eddie Scrooge) -
Ross Kemp


Who is Times magazine's “Person of the Year”? -
Greta Thunberg
Which singer performed in the final of this year's “Strictly ...”? -
Taylor Swift
In April, whose stay in the Ecuadorian embassy came to an end? -
Julian Assange
Who was fired from the BBC for tweeting a “'humourous' royal baby” image? –
Danny Baker
Which famous Welsh actor sadly died on January 17th? –
Windsor Davies (“Oh dear; how sad; never mind.”)
In October which major supermarket chain became the first to stop selling fireworks at its 2,300 stores? -


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By the way, did anyone else on the forum take part in the "Locks & Latches" Stafford Quiz League around 20 years ago?

I was in the Derrington B team for about 8 years. We usually did quite well, and even won it one year.


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The last few Wednesday's we've been doing a fairly light-hearted quiz with family and friends over Whatsapp. We've now started setting questings for the others - only 5 so it's not too onerous.

Anyway, I've decided next week my 5 will be on adverts, and going through my Channel 4 "100 Greatest TV Ads" book, I came across this gem.

If you're doing a quiz, then do a round on adverts. Easy to research, and not too "academic".

(I also found out that the team behind Wallace & Gromit - Aardman Animations - also did Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer".)



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Here's a load of questions on British (and one American) adverts. Feel free to use them if you're putting together a quiz.

What product was advertised in the first advert on British TV?
Gibbs SR toothpaste

What did Leslie Crowther challenge shoppers to do in supermarkets in the 1960s?
Tell Stork from butter – the “Stork Challenge”.

Which supermarket chain feature Celebrity Recipes by people like Denis Healey, Shirley Bassey and Delia Smith?

Which watch manufacturer used the slogan “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking” in the USA?
Timex ….. in the UK they used the slogan Tick-a-Tick-Timex

Which dogfood did Clement Freud and his dog Henry advertise?

Which beer was supposed to “work wonders”?
Double Diamond

In one of the most unsuccessful advertising campaigns, what cigarette were you “never alone with”?
A Strand …. Unsuccessful as it made the smoker look like a Billy no-mates.

What was the name of the song featured in the Nimble advert?
I Can't Let Maggie Go

Which Beer adverts in black-and-white featured the music of Chas 'n' Dave, with songs like "Gertcha".
Courage Best

Which deodorant did boxer Henry Cooper suggest you “splash on all over”?

Which petrol company invited you to “put a tiger in your tank”?

Which shaver did Victor Kiam like so much, he bought the company?

Which camera manufacturer did photographer David Bailey advertise?

Which chocolate bar helps you “work, rest and play”, provided you eat one each day, presumably?

In 1986, what were you asked to “tell Sid” about?
The sale of shares in British Gas.

Which advert featured the Desmond Decker hit “Israelites” and the misheard lyrics “me ears are alight”?
Maxell cassette tapes

In the 1980's which car company used the German translation of “moving ahead through technology” as its slogan?

Which beer company suggested you should “follow the bear”?

In 1979, whose cars were “handbuilt by robots”?
Fiat – “Not The 9 o'Clock News” added “driven by Italians” and showed film of a Fiat crashing.

“Eight out of ten cats prefer” which catfood?

Which lager was Griff Rhys Jones talking about when he said that all the sugar turns to alcohol?
Holsten Pils

What breed of dog is the Dulux dog?
An Old English Sheepdog

In the 1960s, what did a “million housewives every day” do?
They'd “pick up a tin of beans and say 'Beanz Meanz Heinz'”

Which deodorant used(uses?) the music “Carmina Burana”?
Old Spice

Who when asked “Were you truly wafted here from Paradise?” replied “Nah …. Luton Airport”?
Lorraine Chase in the Campari advert.

What can you drink “anytime, anyplace, anywhere”?

What 'dive' did Peter Kay perform in a world diving competition in the John Smith's beer advert?
A running bomb.

Which lager “refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”?

Which advert was filmed in Shaftesbury, Dorset and features the music of Dvorak?
The Hovis “bike ride” advert. (Bill Maynard played the baker.)

Which beer advert ends with the line “Looks like you've overdone it on the sherry.”?
Castlemaine XXXX

In 1989, which black-and-white advert had a German soldier foiling the Dambusters Raid?
(I bet he drinks) Carling Black Label

Which advert had singers wanting to “teach the world to sing”?

Which sportswear advert was filmed in Hackney Marshes and featured several Premiership footballers?

Which star of Coronation Street starred in the ads for BT? “You get an 'ology' you're a scientist.”
Maureen Lipman

What was the name of the book written by JR Hartley?
“Fly Fishing” (from the Yellow Pages ad)

Which advert saw Nicole leaving Vic Reeves at the altar and driving off into the sunset with Bob Mortimer?
Renault Clio

Which advert featured Joan Collins and a clumsy Leonard Rossiter?
Cinzano Bianco

Whose lemonade was the secret lemonade drinker sneaking downstairs to drink?
R Whites

What in 1990 was advertised by a series of ads by Nick Park and Aardman Animations?
Electricity (Heat Electric) – like an electric shower that was “turn off and onable”.

What “good things come to those who wait”?

In the Snickers 'changing room' advert ,which of those losers nicked Joan Collins' deodorant?
I've honestly no idea, but my money's on Shrimpy.
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In one of the most unsuccessful advertising campaigns, what cigarette were you “never alone with”?
A Strand …. Unsuccessful as it made the smoker look like a Billy no-mates.
Another nail in the already closed coffin was the Julian and Sandy sketch where Sandy proclaims to Mr Horne, "You'll have seen my advert, the one where I'm never alone on the ******".


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Don't suppose you've ever come across a copy of the absolutely dire Greene King footballers ad (featuring a dog) have you?
I can't say that I have, and can't find anything on Google or Youtube either.

On the other end of the scale, I recently became friends with the guy behind the advert below, the one he says he's most proud of.



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Another nail in the already closed coffin was the Julian and Sandy sketch where Sandy proclaims to Mr Horne, "You'll have seen my advert, the one where I'm never alone on the ******".
I'm afraid Round the Horne rather passed me by. Up until the last twenty years or so I'd only ever listened to Radio 1 by choice. Other memories were The Archers at home, the end of which on Sunday morning was the signal to go to church. Sunday school was followed by dinner at my Gran's where they would have Round the Horne where apart from Rambling Syd Rumpo, it rather passed me by. "Family Favourites" sticks in the memory more (did it end with "The Party's Over" or was that something else?).