Stafford shops closing - Turning into a ghost town?


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Have been using PO at Rising Brook shops for years! Proved itself much better than others; bloke in charge, not the most cheerful, but he is knowledgeable and helpful; and I think that is far more important.
I remember one occasion some years ago when he refused to issue me a tax disc because the MOT was going to run out at midnight that day, no amount of arguing that the criteria for a current MOT had been satisfied would get him to budge. Town post office issued without any problem.


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Sometimes you need to use the bigger post office - i was turned away from posting a parcel at Wolverhampton Rd Post Office as it was 'too big' and was told only the WH Smiths one would take it.

Hopefully the reduced hours are only temporary - not opening at all on a Saturday will be a bit of a pain, especially as it's also a Bureau de Change

In case you were wondering the current opening hours for the WHSmiths post office is:

Opening times

Mon 09:00-17:30
Tue 09:00-17:30
Wed 09:00-17:30
Thu 09:00-15:00
Fri 09:00-15:00
Sat Closed
Sun Closed


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I know a lot of people think he is very grumpy but I have to say I've never had a problem with him at all and witnessed him being extremely patient with his more senior clientele on many occasions. RB is the only post office I use now.
I found him extremely helpful & nice when my driving licence had run out (stroppy post master on Stone Rd had refused to give me my parcel as my picture licence was out of date).... Most helpfull

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Looks like the hotel plan has fell through that was going to be where the old new look , gym and brighthouse used to be.

However, it also looks like the sites been compulsory purchased by the council now instead.


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I could never see how a hotel would work there. If it has been purchased by one of the councils, I wonder what they plan to do with it?


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Widen the road maybe?
Very unlikely as Chell Road will soon be banned to cars and the Falklands Island will hardly need widening after that.

Mind you we are talking about SBC or SCC so who knows what depths of stupidity they are capable of plummeting to if they're not thinking about redeveloping the north end of the town centre.


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Staffordshire Place/Faulty Towers/Scaffoldshire Place is SCC. The Civic Centre is SBC.