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For balance, Island is always my recommendation to people l, they have nursed 4 dogs of mine and a cat. Exceptional treatment and bedside manner through good times, and sadly bad. I really can't speak higher of them, as with everything mileage may vary.
My experience with the first pet was like yours, the second I saw another vet who was lucky I didn't punch him. On the strength of him I won't return, I guess a lot depends who you get?


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The vet called about my complaint. They said that the practitioner with the fear of birds just flew into a blind panic and is extremely upset by what happened but is now undergoing therapy to overcome the phobia. They said they have put new protocol in place to identify and treat any severe phobias amongst its staff and to ensure that no two people with the same mild fear are ever on shift together and that video consultations will be added as an option. I guess I can take some comfort and closure in knowing that Charlie has inspired better care for other animals at the practise going forward.

The vet with the phobia offered to meet with me to offer her apologies in person but I said I didn't feel it was necessary as I don't feel any resentment towards her (on the off chance you're reading this, I really mean that) and my only goal was to make sure it never happened again, which I feel satisfied it now won't. They also refunded the £400+ I had paid out-of-hours to have him put to sleep and cremated.
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