Stewart Lee.


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Someone on here ( Withnail? Colin Grigson? ) is a fan of Stuart Lee. His book,'How I Escaped My Certain Fate', was reviewed on Radio 4 today.

Search has failed me this time.


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'Twas i, in youtubage, but i can't find them either.

Thanx for the link. :)

Edit: not in youtubage - dotted about. Here, for instance. NWS.


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I took the liberty of correcting the spelling of the subject's name in the thread title, in case anyone else is a fan and is searching for discussion on him. :)


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Admin said:
I took the liberty of correct(ing)ed the spelling of the subject's name
I had thought to ask but thought it a trifle - good on you Admin. :)

It's like a furious customer punching a prostitute in the face because he's sickened by his own desire

Be warned - that is the only thing that approaches a joke* in the half-hour run.

Not an episode that Hetaroi will enjoy overmuch but none the worse for it.

There are no Scottish women - classic observational comedy.

* not entirely true


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the 'Churchill was a pig' stuff was ok but in general the latest series has been better than the first IMO, no jokes but who needs them when you have MASSIVE PRAWNS! Genius.


Withnail said:
^ And an appearance by the one and only Alan Moore - Colossal may tune in on that basis alone.
Yes, I saw it on iPlayer, thanks. Are you sure he's "the one and only", Withnail...? ;)


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Last episode in current series on tonight after Paxo (if indeed it is he) - for those whose iPlayer watching is as maddening as mine it's good to watch in real time, instead of the j erke d up ti me and vi d eo la g i cur rent ly get fr om thi s hea p of shi t com p u