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Went to Pasta Di Piazza in Stone last night. Not been for a while. Still a really decent, reasonably priced eatery. 10 Green Bottles was pretty good too, nice atmosphere if a bit pricey.


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The southernmost of the two A51/A34 roundabouts in Stone used to have quite a nice array of flowers around this time of year, if you were able to notice them whilst traversing it.

It all got a bit churned up during the roadworks last year, but that does seem to have triggered this rather timely burst of poppies.

DSC_0254 (2).JPG


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Bloody hell what doesn't get stolen from stone?

I hear it's a nice place to live but see stone on the stafford police facebook all the time, and other sources.


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In fairness a lots of scroats from both Stafford and Potteries are exported there to be put into SARH properties although they do like all towns have a crop of home grown wasters


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Ideal location for out-of-towners, wrapped around the A34 or nip up the A520 to the A50 for a quick getaway.


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After my Burston trip mentioned elsewhere, I decided to cycle home via Aston-by-Stone, a place I haven't visited since the one time I went there in the late 70s.

It's well worth a look, although the few natives that I encountered seemed a little 'Royston Vasey', at least to me.

It does have a couple of nice churches.

This is the C of E Saint Saviours.


Aston, like Great Haywood, is unusual in having an old Catholic church, Saint Michael Archangel, a rare thing outside a town in England.


Not an easy building to get a good picture of.

From there, I cycled alongside the A34 until I could nip down the lane towards Enson, then up to Marston and back along Common Road.