Stoopid Pictures: The Pictures Strike Back.


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A bit more No 2 than No 10..?



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Who says the Yanks haven't got a sense of humour ??? Given the pipeline ransomware attack which has created fuel shortages in some parts of the States, I saw this post which made me laugh. Mad Max has come home at last ..... :P



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I like this pix because when I first saw it I immediately thought of the caption I'd like on it:

Pterodactyl: "Shot guns ??? ..... I've shit em !!!"
Duck: "When I wrote to my cousin I told you things would take a turn for the better." :P



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That reminds me, our dog loves television.
Before lockdown husband would come home from work and put the tv on in the bedroom while he got out of his suit and put casual clothes on. The dog would rush upstairs to watch tv with him.

Occasionally he would forget to turn the tv off and while we were eating dinner downstairs we’d wonder where the dog was, only to realise that she was upstairs glued to Eastenders (something we’ve never watched).

Even now if we say in a London accent “Get outta my pub” her ears prick up.