Stranger Danger, Stone Rd 18/05/16


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Heads up for everyone in North End/Tillington/Holmcroft. I received a text this morning from Tillington Manor Primary School....

"Message from TMPS. It has been reported that a child was approached yesterday early evening in the Stone Road area by 2 male strangers. Please remind your children about stranger danger."


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Dear Watch Member,

Please can all families encourage their children to be extra vigilant when walking home from school or when playing outside after school. We have had a few reports recently of strangers approaching young children and talking to them at parks and outside of shops. These incidents have taken place in the North areas of Stafford but I would like to make all areas aware of this. Officers are working on different lines of enquiries at the moment to try and find out who these people might be. No childern have been harmed or taken but I want to get this message out now to alert people not scare them.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email

Abbie Lancaster
Senior Office Assistant
Neighbourhood Watch


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I *believe, that the incident that happened on Stone Rd involved 2 men approaching a girl & taking photos of her.

I've **heard, that another child was approached on Charnley Rd too, & there may of been another approach somewhere else.

*Gossip from a 10yr old who is friends with the child involved, BUT this could be completely untrue.

**Facebook shiz.


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I'm wondering if I should alter my policy of saying hello to everybody, regardless of age or gender when out dogging on the Chase now :(


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I'm wondering if I should alter my policy of saying hello to everybody, regardless of age or gender when out dogging on the Chase now :(
There's saying hello, (my daughter continually tells me off for speaking to people I don't know) & there's walking after a person, taking photos & trying to engage in a conversation that they're clearly not interested in having....I can't imagine you would be doing the latter....don't stop saying hello - to the person you say hello to you might be the only person they've spoken to all day.

Personally I find I probably say hello to more dogs than people in a day!


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This was posted on Tillington Manor Parents Facebook page today to....

"Veritas Primary Academy
We wanted to make all parents aware, that on the 18/5/16 at around 5:15pm an incident occured at a local park whereby Year 6 children were approached by a male in his vehicle and asked if they wanted a ride. Staffordshire Police and Veritas are working alongside each other to make your children feel as safe as possible at school and when they are out and about outside of school. Should your children ever be approached by someone that they do not know or feel uncomfortable around they should try to communicate as little as possible and return to their closest place of safety. We hope that your children would feel that they could come to the police station should they feel that they were not safe, lost or scared and they were not close to their home. Staffordshire police have made various lines of enquiries regarding the incident that occurred. Should anyone have any more information regarding this they can contact 101. If it is an emergency and you or your child feel in danger or that your life is at risk please call 999."